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Volume 2:

The Great Unknown


From the ‘US Housing Boom’ to ‘The Great Resignation’ to ‘The Athleisure Phenomenon’ to ‘The Burnout & ‘Yo-yo Effect’ and everything in between.

People have changed.

A recent New York Times study reported that over 57% of people stated the pandemic has caused them to re-evaluate what’s important to them in life; while over 71% reported there are aspects of pandemic life that they will proactively select to continue moving forward.

Change has become the way.

Our way.

As individuals. As communities. As humankind.

However, the implications of people changing in relation to the future of events and experience designs of all shapes and sizes remains blurred at best.

The state of the industry in one word: disrupted.

At the epicenter of “Everyone just wants to return to live” meets “Hybrid is here to stay” meets “Our in-person registration numbers are down” lies this very disruption.

The disruption is real and continues to reign.


The heartbeat of experiences and events comes down to your attendees, your personas, your people.

But what do people — our prized asset — seek from events moving forward?

What are their consideration sets?

How do they evaluate a dual-value proposition: the value of being in the room vs. the value of being home on their couch?

Most importantly, what does event success mean to our attendees moving forward?

For far too long, events and experiences leveraged past metrics as the baseline to fuel future experience designs. In changing times, the past is no longer relevant, and a ‘better’ version of what was is no longer the way.

The future, their future, and our collective future require an entirely different approach.


It’s not the venue. It’s not the platform. It’s not messaging architecture, or storytelling, or speaker selection.

It’s ‘The Manifesto.’

A future-forward strategic research study to understand and validate what people want (and why) from events and experiences moving forward. Revealing the misstep in which events are currently missing the mark: understanding your people in changing times.

The study aim is founded on timely, actionable, and qualitative data fostering a ground-up rebuild to arrive at a future-forward experience that puts your people first like never before. A study that aligns clients’ KPIs with attendees’ desires.  It’s what your people are asking for.


  • VALUE PROPOSITION 2.0: Thinking like a content factory because your audience does
    • The ‘hook’ to attend has fundamentally changed, and the conversion game requires an entirely new tool kit that relies on a B-C mindset.
  • SPACE REIMAGINED: Their fatigue is real, and it’s time to adapt
    • Thinking like a neighborhood … in-person is about human-to-human connectivity everywhere (what you can’t get on-screen), while virtual evolves to a ‘My time, my terms’ prescriptive OpenTable-like style supported by a hub driving continuous value.
  • A NEW RECIPE FOR CONTENT: Data. Data. Data.
    • The content  |  should consume
    • The people  |  should meet
    • The areas  |  should explore in hyper-personalized and participatory formats.
  • COMMUNITY FIRST: Audiences are more disconnected now than ever before
    • A transformation from ‘event’ to ‘journey’ igniting communities in a curated fashion both in the room and on the screen.
  • SMARTER SPONSORSHIP: A scenario in which everyone ‘wins’
    • RIP to the traditional Expo Hall … data and reimagined space inform sponsor and partner relevancy and two-way relationship building.
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