Wilson Dow crafts live events and communications that unite and activate people through the power of shared experience.

The Sole Creative Production Agency To Earn Top Scores in Inc. Magazine’s National Ranking

The three biggest strengths of Wilson Dow are the PEOPLE, the PEOPLE, and - the PEOPLE.

Wilson Dow is unlike any other place I have ever worked - it's the culture created by leadership. I am proud to be here.

The business moves fast, we all work hard, and definitely have fun along the way.

We have a strong sense of unity and having fun while getting things done.

Wilson Dow is proof positive that if you treat your people as your most valuable asset, your bottom line takes care of itself.

I have been in this industry for over 25 years. It is the greatest organization I have ever worked for.


with creative that aligns your audience to a shared purpose.


through active training experiences that equip your team with critical knowledge & skills.


with meaningful stories that spark change.

What We Do

Your team is on a mission. It’s up to us to define, design, and facilitate experiences to meet your objectives in a way that will keep their hearts pumping and their minds sharp to realize that mission.






How We Do It

The power of Wilson Dow’s integrated approach comes from an experienced team committed to open communication and collaboration across each of our disciplines. By focusing our talents as a group, we assure the greatest connection with your audience and the long-term success of your initiatives.

Creative Strategy and Message Development

Production Expertise

Digital Media and Technology

Performance Development


Wilson Dow designs fully integrated experiences and communications that drive results and exceed expectations.

With 20+ years of industry expertise, Wilson Dow is the event-creation collaborator that will help you shine. As your partners and trusted advisors, we will work hand-in-hand with you to realize your vision and supercharge your initiative with unparalleled strategy and planning, creativity, technical know-how—and a dash of Wilson Dow magic.

Our clients are as diverse as our teams’ many hidden talents and range of experience. We pride ourselves on the ability to span industries and scale our offering to fit any audience, anywhere in the world—from cheering throngs of several thousand to specialized, intimate events of two hundred or fewer.

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