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Motion Design Highlights of Q1 2019

19002 Seattle Genetics Bridge Opener

With James McGuire manning our creative and collaborative ship our team “bridged” many creative and conceptual issues for the creation of this opener by combining the organic/architectural hand drawn look of the theme graphic (thank you talented graphics team!) with this slick and modern 3D aesthetic to visually communicate the clients’ “B-E-E-R” story. Myles Hundley created the style frames, Robert Burns animated the 2d intro and our freelancer, Rachel Oftedahl, animated the journey through the 3D watery realm using our new 3D program, Cinema 4D. Our freelancer, Warren Rudd animated the theme and Siena Esposito kept the visual aesthetic cohesive with her art directing skills. Shout out to producer Erin Brown Smith for keeping our schedule and budget above water and account executive Nikki Padovano for steering us to success!

19023 AZ KAM Force 1 Opener

This opener for AstraZeneca marked the joined forces of collaborative superpowers! Myles Hundley used all the Boom! Pow! and Wham! tricks in the motion graphics book to take the audience through the superhero journey of KAM Force 1 using truly heroic illustrations created by Owen Bosman. Captain Creative James McGuire creative directed. Master Audio, John Mennella, blasted the sound design and score. Superproducers Maria Manger, Dave Krohe and Donna Meyer flexed their client management, budget and production scheduling muscles. Warrior Account Executive Nikki Padovano managed the legend. Holy Collaboration, Batman!

19000 Genentech Opening Experience

The orchestration of this widescreen illuminating opener combined motion graphics, live violinists, and LED PixMob audience participation. It was all masterminded by Brian Wray and brought to life through motion by Robert Burns. Robert’s mesmerizing animation translates the gorgeous theme graphic (thank you Graphics!) into a three dimensional moving, evolving landscape of beauty that changes with every phrase. All the components of this piece worked together to create a truly incandescent experience for our clients! Glowing thanks to executive producer Emily Wode and account executive Nikki Padovano!

19053 Janssen Darzalex Theme Animation

Kenny Lee brought his star power to this widescreen theme animation by creating celestial constellations that form the letters of the theme graphic’s words. It’s an animation that Neil DeGrasse Tyson would love—and so did the clients! Speaking of stars: Dan Plice sparkled as executive producer, Holly Edelman shined as account director, and Tim Wolfe and Brian Wray gleamed as creative directors.

19090 GNE Avastin Training Opening Video

“Let’s do something different!” creative director Bridget Natale said to motion design art director, Siena Esposito, in an early creative meeting about this project. And so we did! Embracing the metaphor of competition and perseverance, Myles Hundley created a gritty, hard hitting animation that brings the client’s messaging over the finish line. Myles achieved this modern commercial edgy feel by using a moody color palette, 3D and 2D imagery and gritty typography that move through space via a 3D parallax camera pan. Ben Wilson’s voice over talent knocked this out of the park! Robert animated the theme, Taryn O’Meara produced and Nikki Padovano lead the account to victory. Yay Team!

Social Media Deliverables!

We are #blessed #instahappy to be doing more social media pieces that are intended for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They are short in duration and long in coolness. The messaging is concise and the look and feel is all about being on trend and on brand. This loopable example was created for our own internal @wilsondowgroup social media feed by #onfleek #aftereffectsguru @robertharrisburns. And #instagood @erinhess23 produced.